these little town blues…

yay, the giants won the world series!

charm city survived the hurricane.  scott and i spent a good deal of it, as any grown person would spend a snow/storm day – at the bar. my new yorker friends suffered far more than we did.  they are still suffering, and i hope that things shape up soon.  i lived there through 9/11, the blackout of 2003, the transit strike, and other bizarro nonsense that left the city crippled or partially crippled.  it really sucks to have to live in the chaos of an emergency, and at the same time, it brings 8 million people closer together in ways i’ve never seen or experienced anywhere else.  they’ll get through it, they’ll be better humans for the struggle of it.  as with all things, it will just take time.  (and beer, probably.)

but, this circulated today and made us all giggle for a while.  And then there was this…  OH HELL NO.


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